World Championship in Liberec is now over

Published on June 20, 2017

Check out the Facebook page for photos and videos from the event, browse the YouTube live stream archive and study online results from all categories. We thank all players and organizers for an unforgettable table hockey weekend!

Day 3 of WCh 2017 is over. Here's the complete standings: 

Open: 1) Edgars Caics (LAT) 2) Maxim Borisov (RUS) 3) Oscar Henriksson (SWE)

Children U13: 1) Evgeniy Matantsev (UKR) 2) Uno Österman (SWE) 3) Hanna Ivantsova (UKR)

Superveterans 50+ 1) Anders Ekestubbe (SWE) 2) Pavel Plesak (CZE) 3) Truls Mansson (SWE)

Day 2 of WCh 2017 is over. Team Russia are the world champions 2017 in national teams. Team Czech Republic took silver medals and Ukraine won the bronze series over Latvia.

Day 1 of WCh 2017 is over. Here's the complete standings:

Ladies Teams
1) Latvia
2) Russia
3) Sweden

Junior Teams
1) Ukraine
2) Russia
3) Norway

Veteran Teams
1) Sweden
2) Russia
3) Czech Republic

1) Vorobieva Irina (RUS)
2) Noselivska Viktoriya (UKR)
3) Gorodnitskaya Viktoria (RUS)

1) Henriksson Oscar (SWE)
2) Zholobov Nikita (RUS)
3) Litvinyuk Dmytro (UKR)

1) Titov Alexey (RUS)
2) Aasheim Yngve (NOR)
3) Lutay Stanislav (RUS)

Congratulations to all new world champions!

Day 1 - Standings - photos of all champions

World Championship will be streamed live on YouTube

Published on June 15, 2017

The link to the live YouTube stream will be posted on this website and on the official Facebook Page of the championship. Live streaming of the WCh will begin on Friday, June 16, at 9:00 am, CEST. 

Your guide to World Championship in Liberec

Published on June 15, 2017

Whether you are about to board the plane, jump on the bus, or sit in the car, or whether you have already arrived in the Czech Republic, we thought this little booklet might be useful. All the info about WCh in one PDF to read on your smartphone, tablet or laptop can be downloaded from our website.

List of all players now in the official software for live results

Published on June 13, 2017

The list of all participants is now available in Trefik Table Hockey Edition software for live results. You can browse all categories, teams and players. This is where the live results will be posted during the tournament. 

Change of tournament format: 32 players to play in Open play-off

Published on June 13, 2017

Following the discussion between EC of ITHF and organizers, top 16 players from each final group will go to Open play-off. Apart from this change, the originally published tournament formats will apply.

Banquet and afterparty to take place in Buddy Bar & Bowling Liberec

Published on June 13, 2017

All players, guests and spectators are invited to the banquet on Sunday, June 18, after the closing ceremony. If you are interested in the event, please ask the organizers to add you on the guest list during the official registration periods on Thursday and Friday. The price of 12 EUR per person is to be paid during registration. Buddy Bar & Bowling is located next to the venue of the tournament.

Committee of referees for the World Championship weekend

Published on June 13, 2017

As agreed with EC of ITHF, the committee of referees will include the following members:

Friday+Saturday: Simon Thomas (Ireland), Edgars Caics (Latvia), Filip Hamáček (Czechia); Substitutes: Mykhaylo Shalomayev (Ukraine), Martin Lundén (Sweden)

Sunday: Simon Thomas (Ireland), Mykhaylo Shalomayev (Ukraine), Filip Hamáček (Czechia); Substitutes: Gergely Regula (Hungary), Martin Lundén (Sweden)

Queenie Concert will be free for all registered players

Published on June 11, 2017

All players registered for the World Championship are invited to the Queenie revival band concert at Home Credit Arena on Thursday, June 15, starting at 19:00. The free admission will be granted to all registered players in their national team shirts wearing a name tag issued by organizers during the registration on Thursday. If you are not a registered player, feel free to buy tickets from the official TicketPro portal.

Tournament formats for all categories are now online

Published on June 9, 2017

A detailed information on tournament formats was published in the Categories section of the website.

Deadline for registration is over - the official list of registered players has been published

Published on June 7, 2017

To see a detailed list of registered players in all categories, head over to the Participants section of the website.

General Information


2017 World Table Hockey Championship in Liberec is open for representatives of all countries. Players may only represent countries for which they possess a valid passport. For all tournaments during the World Championship, ITHF Game Rules will apply. 

National federations are required to submit their final lists of participants to before the tournament.

The deadline for submissions is 6th June 2017, 23:59 GMT.

All lists of participants must be confirmed in Liberec during the official registration for Day 1 or Day 2.


Prizes (medals and trophies) will be awarded to the top three finishers in each category.

National Team Shirts

All players should play in their national team shirts.


The canteen is located right at the venue of the WCh. For each day of the tournament, a selection of two meals and a soup will be prepared by a catering company. Each day, one of the meals on the menu will be a vegetarian option.

The menu, price list and order form for national federations will be published before the tournament.

Lunch vouchers will be sold during the registration for Day 1.

Alcohol, Cigarettes and Drugs Strictly Prohibited

No smoking and alcohol consumption is permitted on the premises.

Playing under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited and shall lead to an immediate disqualification.  


Free parking at the venue will be available for all participants.

Hotel Arena features its own parking facility. 

Getting around Liberec

Hotel Arena, the official hotel of the championship, is located next to the tournament venue. Therefore, no shuttle bus shall be necessary.